First of all, I have 3 Screens that get on the screen in total. I don’t have any issue on my Home Screen but after when you press to play button it navigates you to Play screen and in Play Screen before you start to do anything I have a timer that counts down from 3 to 1. Even in that timer It’s doesn’t show “2” but it still waits and jumps to 1. This is the first problem.

My second problem is I have 2 Components that get rendered after timer as “gameBox” and “TextInput”. Normally I have sub-components that get on the screen and slides down. But when you run the app in android it works for like 15 seconds and after that, it just acts weirds like words don’t slide down, they just stay.

My last and third problem is that my TextInput component gets rendered but I can’t click on it or I can’t write anything on it and I can’t click to submit button either.

I had warnings about “require cycle”. I thought that could be the problem but no, it didn’t fix it. Now I don’t have any errors or warnings.

But like I said everything works so good on iOS. I think it’s something about the environment but I’m not sure. If you can help me guys, I would be very grateful ๐Ÿ™‚