I’m building a mobile app and need to add products with ajax requests.

My client using a custom product type called yith-composite that converting the products to parent and children ( component )

Like a car ( parent ) and the wheels ( component )

My problem that add to cart ( ajax ) button and wx-ajax=add_to_cart not working either with this type of product,

The add to cart works correctly only if I disabled the ajax and let it submit the form then refresh.

When seen the request form data was the following:

ywcp_selection[153CE4EE-C1A0-6D39-9AD5-58B51C5AB306]: -1
attribute_pa_sphere: 7-50
ywcp_variation_id[153CE4EE-C1A0-6D39-9AD5-58B51C5AB306]: 124138
ywcp_quantity[153CE4EE-C1A0-6D39-9AD5-58B51C5AB306]: 1
ywcp_selected_product_value[153CE4EE-C1A0-6D39-9AD5-58B51C5AB306]: 102523
ywcp_selection[471BAD03-9C3B-B44E-8584-348A5F33F8A6]: -1
attribute_pa_sphere: 7-00
ywcp_variation_id[471BAD03-9C3B-B44E-8584-348A5F33F8A6]: 110356
ywcp_quantity[471BAD03-9C3B-B44E-8584-348A5F33F8A6]: 1
ywcp_selected_product_value[471BAD03-9C3B-B44E-8584-348A5F33F8A6]: 102552
quantity: 1
add-to-cart: 102491

So my question how to modify the default wc-ajax=add_to_cart to can accept that kind of new data? and adding the product correctly to the cart?